Tips for Flower Arranging in a Vase


When you want to make flower arrangement in a vase to be delivered to your friend or family in hospital like in Monash Hospital, you may have to consider these tips, so that your flowers would be fit for the bedrooms in the hospital ward:

  • Try to keep the height of your cutting material in proportion to the vase you have chosen. The arrangement should be as tall again as the vase. If your flowers are too tall they will appear top-heavy; if too small they will look dumpy.
  • If you are using foliage and fillers, place these in your vase first to create some structure and then fill in with your flowers
  • Using odd numbers, say three or five stems, of a particular flower works well. Odd numbers are much more pleasing to the eye and will make the arrangement look balanced.
  • With cottage garden-type flowers and simple arrangements, it can be very effective to try to recreate the feeling of them growing in a garden. One way to do this is by grouping a few stems of the same flower together, rather than dotting single blooms through the arrangement.
  • Trim your flowers, filler and foliage stems to different heights. There should be shorter stems towards the edge of your vase with stems gradually getting taller towards the middle. Again this is trying to replicate how the flowers would be growing naturally. It also allows the different blooms to be seen and appreciated.
  • Think about where your flowers will be displayed. F it is up against a wall. Only the front and sides will be seen, so arrange your flowers with this in mind. There is no point in putting lovely flowers around the back where nobody can see them, and anyway you will need tall flowers at the back of the vase. If the vase is to sit in the middle of a table it will be seen from all sides, so spread your flowers throughout the arrangements and have the tallest flowers in the middle of the vase, with the height of other blooms gradually decreasing. This means everyone will have a chance yo see your beautiful flowers.
  • Consider the size of your arrangement and where you plan to put it. A large dramatic display may seem like a good idea for a dining table. A bedside table is not the right spot for something too big and dominating.