Flower Arranging in Vases

The words “flower arranging” can strike fear into many. For an amateur the idea that there areso many rules and techniques can be quite daunting. There is huge skill involved in creating elaborate bouquets, impressive centrepieces and the sort of designs on display in some florists. But most of us want much simpler arrangements in our own homes and do not have the time to spend primping and preening flowers. Some of the most straightforward arrangements can be among the most beautiful. A single stem of cherry blossom or a bunch of primroses looks stunning and requires hardly any effort at all on your part.

Simplicity is the key. Sometimes all that is needed is trimming the stems of your flowers to fit the vase and placing them in it. However if you want to create an arrangement of several different flowers, or you wish to arrange them for a special occasion, it does help to adopt a few simple tips to make the most of your blooms.

If you want to arrange your flowers in a vase to be delivered to your friend or family in Monash Medical Centre in Clayton, or if you just bought a bunch or a bouquet and want to deliver it to Monash Medical Centre, you would better prepare your vase to put the flowers or the bouquet into it.

Selecting a Vase

Your choice of vase is crucial to showing off your flowers at their best. Building up a collection of containers that you can use is a good idea, as is seeking out new and unusual vases. They do not have to be expensive.

Use your imagination when it comes to what to put your flowers in. Although you may have a suitably tall plain glass vase in your home, there are so many other containers you could use that will add a touch of individuality and quickness to your display.

The only really essential requirement of a vase is that it is watertight. It is best not to pick something with a wide neck or one that is very big. It will take a considerate number of flowers to fill them, and they will be difficult to arrange and will tend to be quite floopy, because the container will not be able to provide enough support.

I love jugs. If you are at all nervous about creating your own arrangements in such a veasel, get yourself a few in different colours, sizes and styles. The reason jugs are so brilliant is that they naturally narrow towards the top and this creates an easy shape in which to arrange your flowers, with the neck providing support to hold your blooms in place.

Think carefully about the colour and any pattern of your potential vase. Remember it is your flowers that are the stars of the show, and overly patterned vases will compete with your flowers for attention.

Some colours such as red may be harder to match with your flowers. If most of your flowers are going to be in pastel colours, it would be much better to build up a collection of vases that will work with them.

For flowers with much shorter stems, such as snowdrops, primroses and grape hyacinths, you will require much smaller vases. Look out for old glass medicine bottles in pretty blues and greens, which work well.

Why not pop into your local charity shops or visit markets and antique shops to see what you can find. Vintage china, pewter jugs and even teapots all make great quirky vases. Pieces that may be unique, and that have not been mass produced, will give a much more individual touch, and it is possible to pick up some real bargains. Check to make sure there are no cracks, and if you are worried ask if you can put some water in the vessel to check that your potential purchase is watertight.

Reusing glass jars and tin cases will not cost anything, and they can look very beautiful filled with a collection of flowers. And what could be greener than to arrange your home grown cut flowers in recycled vases?