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It is fun to make a flower arrangement by yourself and send it to your loved ones in hospitals like in Monash Medical Centre Clayton.

Flower has indeed become a perfect complement of instruments to give the impression of beauty and peace, to cheer up your loved family of friends wherever they are, whatever the occasions are. Well, for those interested to do your own flower arrangements, here are the tricks and techniques:

  1. Prepare and cut the leaves from the stems of foliage and flowers in order not to disturb the water in the vase, so it helps to keep the flowers to remain fresh and receive adequate nutrition. 2. Choose the vases with appropriate sizes to suit the height of the foliage and flowers. Flowers with smaller sizes tend to look attractive using short vase than large vase. While the larger sizes of flowers will look more elegant by using taller vase. The height of the foliage and flowers pop-out from the vase have to be at least one and half of the vase height. 3. Make sure the vase that you will use has been cleared or rinsed. You can also add various media in your glass vase, such as sand, gravel, or glass beads on the bottom of the glass vase. This helps the stems of flowers to stand up right and also to provide interesting nuances of flower arrangement settings.
  2. 4. Fill the vase with warm water, or at least room temperature. This helps the buds to bloom quickly as well as to keep it fresh and long lasting. When you put together the flowers in the vase, always pick the large flowers to be the feature flowers. Put them first around the vase, cross the stems one another, so the stems can sort of tied up and support one another to stand upright and spread evenly, making the setting looks balance. Then add small flowers in between, or filling the gaps between the feature flowers, also accentuating the color of those settings.
  3. Finally, its ready for you to be delivered to Monash Medical Centre Clayton to cheer up your sick family or friend.
  4. You can always pick samples of flower designs from our collection in the website.

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